Private Jones Tickets

Private Jones Tickets

Signature Theatre, Arlington
Feb 6, 2024 - Mar 10, 2024
2 hrs (incl. one 15-mins intermission).
An inspirational new musical based on a true story.

About Private Jones

A world premiere musical inspired by the true story of a deaf Welsh sniper in World War I.

Hiding his profound hearing loss, young Gomer Jones fakes his way through enlistment in the army. He becomes a celebrated sniper, but the horrors of the front threaten to expose his secret and destroy his very humanity unless he learns to trust his fellow soldiers to accept who he really is.

With an innovative soundscape and a sweeping original score, Private Jones is an unexpectedly funny and gripping musical adventure about service, friendship, and the cost of war.




This show is recommended for mature teens and up. Signature does not admit children under 6 years old.

Performance schedule

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