The Spirits' Speakeasy Tickets
New York, New York

The Spirits' Speakeasy Tickets

The Spirits' Speakeasy: What to expect - 1
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The Spirits' Speakeasy Tickets

About The Spirits' Speakeasy

The Spirits' Speakeasy summons you to step through the secret speakeasy door as a personal guest of the renowned Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Prepare to be enthralled by an evening that seamlessly blends magic with the supernatural—and a dash of bitters.

At the heart of the soirée, witness the enigmatic Margery (played by Krystyn Lambert), a medium whose powers are the talk of the town, as she faces the ultimate challenge—convincing none other than the skeptic Harry Houdini (played by Patrick Terry) of her genuine connection to the world beyond through a series of supernatural tests.

Will she turn Houdini into a believer? Or better yet, you? The talking board says YES.

Guests will be enveloped in an atmosphere reminiscent of the golden age of magic and spiritualism with close-up magic and intimate access to one of the three séances. The Spirits' Speakeasy offers a meticulously curated selection of period-specific cocktails, designed to enhance the otherworldly ambiance of the evening.

Run time

2hr. No intermission.

Start date

September 19th, 2024

End date

November 3rd, 2024


Immersive Experiences, Off Broadway


Ages 21+.

The Spirits' Speakeasy: What to expect - 1
The Spirits' Speakeasy: What to expect - 2


Sincerely Ophelia

221 2nd Ave Suite B, New York, New York, USA, 10003

Show schedule

Day of weekEvening
Thursday7:00 PM
Friday6:30 PM
Saturday6:30 PM
Sunday7:00 PM

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