The Spy Who Went Into Rehab Tickets
Venice, CA

The Spy Who Went Into Rehab Tickets

Witness a spy's clash with rehab and his archenemy.
The Spy Who Went Into Rehab: What to expect - 1
The Spy Who Went Into Rehab Tickets

About The Spy Who Went Into Rehab

What happens when a James Bond-like spy gets sent to rehab because of his drinking, gambling, womanizing and anger issues? You get THE SPY WHO WENT INTO REHAB. It’s a comedic look at how an outdated male relic who still embodies Toxic Masculinity learns to think differently, courtesy of a colorful group of Woke, self-aware recovering addicts. His journey to enlightenment gets derailed, however, when his archenemy shows up for a final confrontation.

Start date

June 7th, 2024

End date

July 27th, 2024



The Spy Who Went Into Rehab cast and creative team

By: Gregg Ostrin
Director: Cyndy Fujikawa
Lighting Design: Michael Franco
Cast List: Satiar Pourvasei, Stuart W. Howard, Jill Renner, Rachel Townsend, Alondra Andrade, Cyndy Fujikawa


Pacific Resident Theatre

703 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA, US, 90291

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