Sanctuary City
Sanctuary City Tickets

Sanctuary City Tickets

Ensemble Theater In Honor of Helen Zell at Steppenwolf, Chicago
Aug 14, 2023 - Nov 18, 2023
The riveting play about DREAMers by Pulitzer-winner Martyna Majok.

About Sanctuary City

Newark, NJ. Post-9/11. Two teenagers, brought to America as children, now face an unlikely foe: unexpected, unreciprocated love. Their friendship is no longer enough (for one of them) and their adopted country doesn’t love them back. Pulitzer Prize-winner Martyna Majok brings light to the sacrifices made by DREAMers, lovers and life-long friends in the heartbreaking and hopeful Sanctuary City—a story that fractures and transcends—crossing boundaries, borders and genres in search of a place to call home.

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