BATSU! Chicago
BATSU! Chicago Tickets

BATSU! Chicago Tickets

Kamehachi Chicago, Chicago
Dec 1, 2022 -
Approx. 2hrs (varies by show)
A show that'a a hit — literally.

About BATSU! Chicago

In Japan, there is a style of comedy known as batsu game (罰ゲーム), where comedians compete in challenges of all kinds with the losers receiving a punishment. BATSU! brings this comedy style to America, with comedians competing to avoid electric shocks, paintballs, a giant egg-smashing chicken, and many more hilarious jaw-dropping punishments!

BATSU! takes place in a beautiful lounge theatre within Kamehachi – Chicago’s original sushi bar since 1967 – in the heart of Old Town. Audience members enjoy sushi and sake, while the bravest may even sign up for a chance to participate to win free beer and prizes! (Food/drink not included in price of ticket; Never a minimum.)

Eat. Drink. BATSU!

In the first part of the BATSU! experience you can catch up with friends, family, and co-workers, while enjoying world class international entertainment by some of Chicago’s best dancers and performance artists. Enjoy delicious and authentic Japanese food and drinks from our all new menu created by Chicago’s famed Kamehachi.

The BATSU! Game Four American comedy warriors face off in challenges to avoid painful, humiliating, and ridiculous punishments! The bravest audience members may also volunteer (upon signing a waiver) to participate in some of the challenges to win honor or suffer punishment.

The performers of BATSU! are members of the acclaimed comedy group Face Off Unlimited, dubbed “Really Funny!” by the New York Times, and also regularly appear on television, film, and stage.

Watch (and maybe even compete alongside them) as they battle for comedic glory and honor as they attempt to avoid hilariously painful and humiliating punishments. In the end, only one Warrior will emerge victorious.

To sum it all up, BATSU! is an interactive, immersive, dining and entertainment experience that fuses the Japanese comedy style of a batsu game and authentic and delicious Japanese food, with the very best improv comics in the city.

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