Sh!t-faced Shakespeare®: Macbeth
Sh!t-faced Shakespeare®: Macbeth Tickets

Sh!t-faced Shakespeare®: Macbeth Tickets

The Rockwell, Somerville
Sep 15, 2023 - Nov 18, 2023
1 hr
Bubbly, bubbly, toil and trouble-y.

About Sh!t-faced Shakespeare®: Macbeth

An entirely serious production of Macbeth with an entirely sh*t-faced cast member.

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked (tipsy) this way comes"

Fresh from battle, the warrior Macbeth is given a supernatural prophecy that leads him on a path of murderous ambition and insanity- a path enjoined by the ruthless Lady Macbeth. They strew the Scottish countryside with bodies until their brutal, wicked end. Nothing that couldn’t be solved with a few cocktails! Back from record attendance and glorious fan feedback, Shit-faced Shakespeare once again tackles the Bard’s bold, bloody and resolute tale of madness!

With a genuinely drunken professional actor selected at random every night, no two shows are ever the same. Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare seeks to introduce a new generation of theatre-goers to the works of the Bard by reviving the raucous, interactive and vibrant nature of Elizabethan theatre with a very modern twist - reminding them as we go to always enjoy Shakespeare responsibly.

Content Curious? Our shows feature murder, treason, war, violence (personal, sexual, and national), suicide, regicide, incest, and blasphemy- and that is just the Shakespeare! Our drinker has been known to contribute profanity, an occasional nip slip or bare buttcheek, and if you are lucky, a group sing-along for the audience. If any of this puts you off, maybe another show is more your speed. But also, we do have sword fights, loud sounds, and flashing lights if those affect your person.

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18+ for Thursday shows; 21+ for Friday and Saturday shows (ID required).